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Topics: PH, PH meter, Acid-base chemistry Pages: 2 (779 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Question 1
Critique Dr. Honeydew’s report. Specifically, discuss what is missing and how the missing information should have been presented.
First the PH measurements, Dr. honey dew does not explain how the PH device was calibrated or if the blood sample was added or mixed with anything prior to the measuring of the pH (like water, etc.). In regards to the absorption spectroscopy, the method by which the concentration was obtained is questionable. Was the concentration known before the experiment began, or was it found based on a similarly known variable so the epsilon value could be known for Beer’s law. Additionally, if the epsilon was found from a stock hemoglobin sample what was it’s concentration? Were the dilutions parallel or serial? What dilutions or epsilon value was found?. The experiment can still be conducted effectively without such information, but it would have made things easier. Question 2

Outline the procedure you expect to use to determine the pH in your rat’s whole blood sample. Make sure to include the amounts of materials and all items you expect to use. To determine the pH of the rat’s whole blood sample, a pH determination will be performed. First, the pH probe will be connected to logger pro and calibrated using a 4.00 acidic solution and a 7.00 neutral solution. The probe will be rinsed with distilled water and dried between measurements. 5-7 ml. (or however much is needed to fill enough of the beaker for the probe to analyze the sample) of the blood sample will be placed in a 25 ml. beaker. The probe will be placed in the beaker and the pH sample will be collected using logger pro. Then based on the results from the pH analysis, conclusions can be made about the drug used on the rat as to whether the rat’s pH went up or not to analyze side effects of the drug. If the pH becomes too acidic serious health effects can occur. Question 1:

Since blood is a very concentrated mixture, one dilution may not give a perfect...
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