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This is the planning for an assignment- not a final draft
Planning And Preparing To Teach

Unit 1. Planning and Preparing to teach.

o1.1 Understand own role, responsibilities and boundaries of role in relation to teaching o1.2 Understand appropriate teaching and learning approaches in the specialist area o1.3 demonstrate session planning skills

o1.4 understand how to deliver inclusive sessions which motivate learners o1.5 understand the use of different assessment methods and the need for record keeping o1.6 understand ways to negotiate appropriate individual goals with learners o1.7 understand how to plan for inclusive learning

o1.8 understand how to use teaching and learning strategies and resources inclusively to meet curriculum requirements o1.9 understand how to use a range of communication skills and methods to communicate effectively with learners and relevant parties in own organisation. o1.10 understand and demonstrate knowledge of the minimum core in your own practice o1.11 understand how reflection, evaluation and feedback can be used to develop own good practice o1.12 discuss the underlying principles of various curriculum models, their impact on student learning, and a basis for selecting them o1.13 further develop skills in addressing outcomes at the appropriate academic level o1.14 further develop skills in collaborative working

o1.15 and contributing to the learning of colleagues

Pgce only-
o1.16 critically evaluate alternative perspectives on the content of the unit drawing on both theory and practice to do so osee page 21 for general account for the teaching and learning strategy

In this assignment I aim to discuss the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a tutor within Specialist Make Up FDA in particular the styling for the camera and work based learning units that I teach on, in terms of appropriateness and resources used and produced. I will also identify how I create a group profile and use this to support a range of individual students needs in relation to my programme Teaching is a profession that goes far deeper then just presenting information to students within lessons and tutorials.

According to Honeyford (1982) the tutor plays a pivotal role in a students life, influencing students perception of themselves and the sort of progress the individual makes.

Initially the tutor has the responsibility of welcoming students, inducting students about health and safety, evacuation for fire or bombs and the drills that are in place for these. In induction students are required to fill out a number of forms including a health form, a free writing task, learning questionnaire, a form to record previous experience in order to help course team leaders and staff to assess their learning requirements for the course. One key area that is important for the development of students and to help divide the groups into ability levels is establishing what level the students are working at in English maths and ICT by using BSKB or CTAD Testing . Determining if students have any learning difficulties or extra needs that involve accommodating the individual during a lesson . It is the Tutor’s responsibility to apply for extra support for students as soon as possible, helping to encourage equality and inclusion in sessions. The Course team leader would then create a group profile using blue net, this includes information regarding ethnicity, preferred learning styles and any individual requirements that need to be catered for within a session. The group profile would be distributed to all members of staff within the team in order for them to structure sessions appropriately to include opportunities for equal opportunities and diverse learning . marilyn friend of indiana university suggests a seven step approach to considering adaptions to meet diverse learning needs in a strategy refered to as “INCLUDE” STEP 1: Identify classroom environmental, curricular, and...
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