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Banana is one of the most abundant fruit crops in the Philippines. It is also one of the sources of income for farmers. Banana has various uses that can be turned into many processed products. In addition to banana exporting, processing banana into different products could mean additional income for banana farmers. Banana can be processed to make Banana Flour, Banana Pastilyas, Banana Puree, Dried Banana Blossoms, Banana Chips, Pastilyas De Saging, Banana Wine, Banana Vinegar, Banana Figs, Banana Sauce, Sauce from Banana Peeling, Paste from Banana Peeling, Vinegar from Banana Peeling, and Banana Catsup. 1. Banana Puree

Bananas for puree production ideally should be harvested at the point of maturity. Ripened bananas at color index 6 and 7 are selected and washed thoroughly to remove adhering dirt and any chemical residue that may be present. Bananas are then blanched with either food grade steam or boiling water until a center temperature of 93°C is reached. A medium size, unpeeled banana requires 10 to 15 minutes to attain this temperature. Blanched bananas are then cooled and peeled. The puree is then obtained by passing peeled blanched bananas in communition machines. Banana puree has an attractive color, fine texture and retain its fruity flavor. Banana puree developed must be further treated to ensure their preservation until the moment of final utilization and processing. The puree can be frozen, canned or aseptically packed. The puree is used for beverage industry, baby foods, snack foods, jam and sauces. 2. Banana Powder

Banana powder has a great potential for commercialization. It has a high sugar and low starch content and can be used as a substitute for fresh banana in making traditional cakes or their premixes as well as in the processing of banana snacks, crackers or crisps. Banana puree processing is the first step in banana powder processing, followed by drying. Good quality puree with proper drying produces good quality powder. Spoilage due to microbial and enzymic activity is greatly reduced at the moisture level of 7.0% but caking is easily developed in banana powder during storage if improper packaging materials are used for the purpose due to its high sugar content. The quality of banana powder is determined by the color, flavor, texture and moisture content. These are affected by the varieties of bananas and processing operations specially blanching process. Good quality powder is produced from the bananas of right variety and degree of ripeness. Immature or overripe fruits should be excluded from the bulk. Blanching is an important step in banana powder processing for controlling discoloration in the product. There are two main types of color changes: discoloration caused by either tin or zinc present in the peel rags and browning due to a very active oxidative enzymes. The optimum activity of the enzymes responsible for discoloration is around pH 7.3. 3. Banana Jam

Banana with sweet taste, fine flavor and texture can be processed into excellent jam. The processing of the product is basically similar to that of other fruit jam. Banana puree having total soluble solid and pH value in the range of 24-26° Brix and 4.4-4.6 respectively are the main ingredients used in the processing of banana jam. The proportion of banana puree, sugar, pectin and citric acid used in the processing of banana jam should be given special emphasis in order to produce a clear and fine texture jam. Banana jam has a good shelf-life. Machinery to be installed and used: Pulper, Juice Extractors, Mixer/Grinders, Cap Sealing Machines, Slicers, Bottle Washing Machine 4. Banana Sauce

Banana sauce is a ready-to-eat to sauce. It is used for moistening, flavour control and as a garnish to make food more delicious. The sauce has a strong banana taste and flavour and a dull yellow-red colour. The total soluble solid content varies from 39-40°Brix depending on the variety of bananas. It has a shelf-life of one year when stored in...
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