Pfizer Case Study

Topics: Pfizer, Balance sheet, Income statement Pages: 17 (5226 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Pfizer – Written Case Report
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BAMG 456-023: Strategic Management & Business Policy (Fall 2012)

Table of Contents:
1. Part One: Evaluation of the External Environment
a. Introduction 4
b. Opportunities and Threats 6
i. Assessment of Societal (Remote) Environment
ii. Assessment of Industry (Task) Environment
iii. Assessment of Competition (Bryan Jenkins)
iv. Overall Opportunities and Threats and Score
2. Part Two: Evaluation of the Internal Environment#
c. Financial Management Analysis #
v. Profitability
vi. Analysis of Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows vii. Ratio Analysis, Z-value, g*
viii. Inventory Turns, Credit Ratings
ix. Financial Problem or Success Statement
d. Analysis of Marketing Position #
x. Sales – Long term trend
xi. Market Share vs. Industry and Competitors for 5 Years xii. Marketing Tactics
xiii. Marketing Problem or Success Statement
e. Analysis of Management & Management Effectiveness # xiv. Identification of Structure and Top Management xv. Top Management and Executive Compensation
xvi. Stock Price Performance vs. Benchmarks
xvii. Direction of Top Management Team#
xviii. Evaluation of Mission, Vision, or Corporate Goals xix. Management Performance Assessment
xx. Management Problem or Success Statement
f. Assessment of MIS and Information Age Readiness # 3. Part Three: Strategic Position #
g. Current Core Competencies
h. Current Distinctive Competencies
i. Current Corporate Level Long-Term Strategies/Tactics j. Current Corporate Level Short-Term Strategies/Tactics k. Current SBU Level Strategies and Tactics
l. Top Five Performance Indicators
4. Part Four: Overall Position #
m. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses
n. Grand Strategies Matrix
o. Overall Position Problem or Success Statement
5. Part Five: Conclusions and Discussion #
p. Long-term prospects and Options
q. Short-term Prospects and Options
r. Long-Term Survival
6. Bibliography:#

Part 1: Evaluation of the External Environment
a. Introduction
Pfizer is a world-leading pharmaceutical company whose business objectives are to discover, develop and manufacture medicine and other products for both people and animals. Pfizer got its name from one of its two founders, Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart in 1849. Pfizer’s early history is not overly exciting but laid the ground work for one of today’s biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry. Pfizer was first incorporated in New Jersey, now their headquarters reside in Ney York, NY. Pfizer’s first big focus was vitamin C. In 1936, Pfizer was the world’s leading producer of vitamin C, thought their focus quickly grew. Pfizer grew steadily through its first 100 years as a company, but in 1950 Pfizer reached a major milestone for any pharmaceutical company. In 1950, Pfizer released the first drug out of their discovery program and under the Pfizer label. The drug was Terramycin®; which is a broad-spectrum anti-biotic. Pfizer’s first entry into the pharmaceutical industry quickly grew their company internationally; first expanding into countries across North and South America and Europe. Pfizer’s next major milestone was the billion dollar mark. In 1972, Pfizer reached the $1 billion in sales which was quite a feat for 1972. That mark was quickly followed by its first billion dollar drug. Feldene® became Pfizer’s first billion dollar drug in 1980. At this point, Pfizer is reaching new levels in the Pharmacutical industry as they gain numerous awards and come out with groundbreaking new drugs like Viagra in 1988. Moving into more recent history, Pfizer has continued to...

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