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The process of recruiting and selecting employees in today’s workforce has changed over the years; many employers choose to have a recruiting and selection process. Department supervisors and hiring managers are involved in the initial hiring process, while the human resource staff is involved in the final stages of the recruiting process after being offered employment at a company. Employers are interested in employees that are extremely motivated to help obtain company goals. According to the drug market research firm IMS Health. Pharmaceuticals are one of the world's most profitable industries. During the last 30 years, the industry has spent billions of dollars on research and reaped billions in return. In 2008 alone, the pharmaceutical industry sold $773 billion in products worldwide-a number that has consistently grown for the past 8 years and is projected to increase again by 2.5 to 3.5 percent in by 2014 (Bendix, 2010). Pharmaceutical companies make medicines from plant- and chemical-based compounds. They work to prevent the spread of disease, ease pain, cure illnesses, and slow the effects of aging, among many other things. Pharmaceutical companies' mission to discover the next groundbreaking medicine is a big cause steeped in big bucks, big competition. Pfizer pharmaceutical is deeply committed to creating an environment where colleagues can achieve success. Since they are a global company there are many positions that have to be filled with knowledgeable individuals; whom Pfizer makes an effort to match individuals according to their skills and aptitude.

Current State of Labor (Pfizer Pharmaceutical)
Pfizer celebrates the array of unique qualities, perspectives and life experiences, which define individuals making an investment in the workforce. Behind every Pfizer product and program lies an idea that was given the freedom to flourish and a team that challenged conventional ways of thinking to develop something truly innovative. The success of...

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