Petty Cash Process

Topics: Petty cash, Money, Cash register Pages: 3 (586 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Petty Cash System Review (last 12 months)

|Issue / Potential for Fraud |Fraud Rating |Date Incident Occurred |Notes | |No policy or procedures written up.|1 |Listed in the breakdowns below. |Many of the incidents or potential for fraud could be eliminated if there were documented | | | | |policies and procedures. | | | | |Zoe is in charge of the petty cash for the whole company, each claim must be supported by | | | | |a receipt. This is about the only information available in regards to petty cash. | |Cash Security and Staff Safety |2 |There is a potential for money to be stolen from John, |Every Monday, John collects £8,000 in cash from the office and delivers it to 8 sites. | | | |and also the office could be broken into. |This is a large amount of money for him to be carrying around on a regular basis. | | | |In July, John puts remaining money in his drawer but it|Similarly with Fridays, when the remaining float and receipts are passed back to John | | | |is £400 short. |these usually just get locked in a draw. Similarly with Payroll, why is there no safe | | | | |within the office for such amounts of cash....
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