pets raising should be banned

Topics: Dog, Blindness, House Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: January 10, 2014
THW not allow raising pets in apartments(public)-OPP Essay
Thesedays, there are a lot of people who raise their pets in their house. Should people raise their pets in apartments? Most people will think they should not, because it gives harm to the neighborhood, it is scary or because it smells bad. But I think we should allow raising pets at the apartment for two specific reasons. First, there are a lot of pets that do not give harm to the neighborhood. Second, there is no one that will choose this policy. Before moving on, pet is an domesticated animal kept for person.

First, there are a lot of pets that do not give harms to the neighborhood. When people think about pets, they usually think about dogs. So the neighborhood that want to ban raising pets at the apartment will say that we have to ban because of dog’s sound or other damages they got. However, there are various of animals that does not give harm to the neighborhood such as cats, hamsters, and chicks. So it does not have any reason to ban raising these pets. Furthermore, according to the legal explanation about raising pets at the apartments, if there was a damage to the common house living because of those pets, the owner of the pets can be accused. Although if the pets did not even give damage to the residents, and the residents forced them to not raise the pets, it said that the residents would have to bear that they can get accused. Because of this reason, I think we should not ban raising pets in apartment....
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