Pets: Neolithic Revolution and Pet

Topics: Neolithic Revolution, Domestication, Disability Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: May 9, 2012
For and against essay of having a pet

Pets have accompanied mankind since the dawn of history. Allegedly, the domestication of animals begun along with the Neolithic Revolution (approximately between 10-12 thousand years ago). Some people either hate or love this accompaniment. For sure, there are various disadvantages and advantages of having a pet, which I will try to point out in my essay.

In my opinion, one major advantage of having a pet is that they can replace people and become one of our nearest and dearest. For instance, if someone lives alone he would find it very enjoyable of having a pet. Furthermore, presence of an animal at home may provide greater feeling of security (especially when this pet is a dog). In addition to this, pets often play the main role in both, the handicapped and disabled people’s lives.

Nevertheless, keeping a pet involves lots of responsibilities. Firstly, there are some extra costs which appear along with animals. The pet-holder always needs to calculate constant expenses into budget, because his favourite requires food, equipment (cages, collars, aquarium, etc.) and probably veterinary treatment. Apart from this, if you decide to buy a pet you will certainly tied yourself up with this animal, because from this moment you will always have to, before going anywhere from town, take into consideration your pet's needs.

Taking everything into account, I realise that my stance in this matter is rather balanced. There are both good and bad sides of keeping a pet at home. In my opinion, everything depends on an individual character of the pet-owner, his particular relishes. I suppose that the relations between the animals and humans are as much diverse and complicated as they are between people themselves.
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