Pets and People: Understanding Choices

Topics: Personal life, Cost Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: April 6, 2014
Why do you think people have pets?
Hello everybody. I am Brian. This is my topic of the presentation”Why do you think people have pets?” Having pets have numerous advantages. First of all, having pets can help us relieve the stress from work and family during our daily life. Pets take away the negativity and give us unconditional love and joy. Can you imagine that when you step through your door after a long, grueling day of work, and there’s a tail-wagger welcomes you, or that furry kitten jumps onto your lap playing with you? How sweet it is! Second, pets give you a companionship in life. For example, dogs can be our friends and family members. They are the best audience when you need someone to talk to. Pets are truly loyal and faithful. They are who you can trust and never betray you. Last but not least, we can learn a lot from our pets. We will be more patient when we are treating our pets. If our pets like to go jogging, then they will definitely help us keep a good shape. Therefore, people usually have pets because pets can make us become much happier. However, there are some disadvantages. Spending time to take care of your pets will be very time-consuming and it will cost you lots of energy. Moreover, fodder and toys for some pets are very expensive. Some pets even have to be washed often; otherwise, we will have a sticky animal be with us. From the above mentioned, we have several options about having pets. For me, I have a paradise fish as my pet. It is quite easy for me to raise my pet. Paradise fish won’t spend me lots of time taking care of, and its fodder is cheap. All I have to do is feed it and clean the water for it once a week. Watching its beautiful color makes me feel comfortable and relievable. In conclusion, the main reason for people having pets is that the pets can promote mental and physical well-being. The pets can help us forget lonely and sadness. They keep us having a good mood all the times. In addition, pets will make...
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