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Wednesday, 11 April 2012
Model Answer - IELTS (Task 1)
There are four main ingredients in a fish pie (fish, sauce, peas and potatoes) and before being sold in a microwaveable container, the mixture passes through a production line where each food is added separately.

To begin with, potatoes and fresh salmon are delivered to the factory and these products are placed on parallel, simultaneously moving conveyor belts. Prior to boiling the potatoes, they are cleaned, peeled and sliced. They are then frozen and stored until they are ready to be added to the fish pie.

Meanwhile lemon juice and salt is added to the fresh salmon which needs to be prepared within 12 hours or less of delivery. Workers remove the skin and bones of the steamed salmon and further inspection is required. Ready peas, sauce and potatoes are added to the mixture. As the pie is now at its final stage, it is wrapped and frozen. It remains in storage until it is ready to be dispatched to suppliers and end consumers.

To conclude, processed fish pies are produced in a factory where prepared potatoes, peas and ready sauce is added to fresh, steamed, boneless and skinless salmon. Human intervention is required to check the fish and once the container is ready it needs to be frozen to preserve it before consumption.
Question taken from Cambridge IELTS Trainer p. 151
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Model Answer - IELTS (Task 2)
In some countries it is thought advisable that children begin formal education at four years old, while in others they do not have to start school until they are seven or eight. How far do you agree with either of these views?

Although there are laws in each country that dictate the number of years a child needs to spend in formal education, the starting age is a decision taken by parents mainly with the child’s best interests in mind.

When a child is four it has just begun to learn how to become independent and carry out basic functions on

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