Petrarcha And Laura

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Man Who Loved too Much in Petrarcha's Sonnets

Laura, a very beautiful but also mysterious lady, inspired Petrarcha for poems. Petrarcha passes through emotional ''landscape'' in his life from the moment he first lied his eyes on Laura to when she rejected his courtship and after when she passed away. His feelings of love towards Laura prevail throughout whole his life, but his emotional state changes from happiness to deep despair and grief. Francesco Petrarcha (July 20, 1304 – July 19, 1374) was an Italian scholar and poet in Renaissance Italy, and one of the earliest humanists. He is most famous for his love sonnets for Laura who was his passion ever since he first met her in the church in Avignon in 1327. Laura was married and on those grounds she rejected his courtship. His book Canzoniere is his love for Laura; from the first moment when he saw her, his and her life and later his life when Laura passed away. Petrarca portrayed Laura as a being of supreme beauty both inside and outer beauty. He idealized and mystified Laura to such proportions that one could have easily mistaken her for the Virgin Mary. It is not clear whether Laura was a real woman due to Petrarcha's wordy descriptions of her. Some critics say that Laura is a metaphor for 'laurels' which is a symbol for poets although Petrarcha alone denied any suspicions of Laura being a fictional woman. However, woman named Laura really existed in Avignon during Petrarcha's life. Her name was Laura de Noves and she was born six years after him. It is needed to know that Petrarcha rarely tried to make and physical contact with Laura. Not in a single poem or sonnet did he write about physical pleasures. Actually, he had invidious relation towards body and sexuality as many priests had in those days (and nowadays too!) which is pretty much what petrarchian and troubadour poetry is famous for. They glorified woman's beauty, but deprived of any physical desire....
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