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~ The issues Petra has faced and will be facing
The site suffers from a host of threats, including the collapse of ancient structures, erosion due to flooding and improper rainwater drainage, weathering from salt water rising, improper restoration of ancient structures, and unsustainable tourism. On May 19, AD 363 A.D, an extremely damaging disaster hit the rose red city of Petra in the form of a series of powerful earthquakes. The city already has a history of tectonic spasms as it sits near the boundary of the Arabian plate but this earthquake was significantly more damaging than those that had struck before. It is said that this quake in particular, destroyed more than half of Petra. It is believed that an Earthquake more devastating that the one that wrecked the city in 363 AD struck in the year 551 AD. By all accounts, it ruined the rock cut city and further damaged the partially repaired water management systems. The beautiful ruins of Petra, which were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, have for some years been faced with serious threats like salt blown in from the Dead Sea is encrusting the relatively delicate sandstone and slowly but constantly wearing away at the buildings. If Petra was to win one of the 5 Special Grants; this breathtaking Rose red City can be restored.

~ Work Petra needs!
Why we need the Grant!
Regulations and policies developed under the Petra Archaeological Park Operating Plan will cover infrastructure projects undertaken by the PRA including electrification of the Petra Archaeological Park and works associated with water recycling farming projects including tree-planting. They will also cover visitor facilities such as park lighting, tourist paths and signage, restaurants and shops, community recreation areas and businesses, as well as public events and activities within the site. There is a long-term need for a framework for sustainable development and management practices aimed at protecting...

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