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Peter Weir witness speech
Scene 3
In the film witness I have undergone certain
Throughout the film I have decided to tell the story of different characters. I have done this with the use of camera work, following the characters as the story unravels. This subtle camera work allows the audience to experience each of the characters perceptions at the given time. A good example of this is when Samuel is wondering around the train station, showing the viewer his childlike innocence as everything Is new to him. It is particularly easy for the viewer to capture as I have positioned the camera at Samuel’s eye level. I have used this method to give the audience the notion that everything is seen as he sees it. From the use of camera positioning as Samuel ponders about the train station, I allow him to encounter a statue of a large angel holding a man as a symbol for characters in the film. As Samuel looks at the angel rescuing a person; it is a representation of john who takes up the saviour role in the film. As the camera captures the downward shot unto Samuel, it is as though the angel has singled him out. Here as I have had Samuel singled out, I get everybody to walk past normally. By doing this Samuel seems entranced by the angel capturing the motif of what is to come. During the course of the murder scene I have used Samuel's eyes as a symbol for his fear and now loss of innocence. The scene is told through his eyes as the camera is at his eyelevel showing us how he sees it. As he looks through the crack of the toilet door we share the horror and the stripping of innocence by witnessing the violent act. The diegetic sound track is substituted with a now suspenseful sound track as the murder takes place. McFee fixes his tie and washes his hands, this relaxed nature contrasts with the violence of the situation. By doing this it shows the audience that he is a cold and calculated killer. I wanted to make this scene very suspenseful. I did this through the...
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