Peter the Great Deals with a Rebellion

Topics: Russia, Tsardom of Russia, Tsar Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: August 16, 2008
First of all I’m going to do a little introduction of who was Pete’s and why he goes that name of Peter the Great. Peter was the ruler of Russia for few years. I think that he ruled Russia in the way that no have done before. He thought that Russia needs an education. He was a smart person while he was ruling he was studying at the same time. He never stopped studying. Also one of he’s objectives were move Russia to the western. While the movement to the west he heard about a rebellion. This one was called as The Streltsky Rebellion. Well he got the name of Peter the Great cause he did a lot of good things but he did badly too. The good one is that he like in short words putted Russia into a good path to the future and when he came back from Indiana he come with a new ideas and he’s a soldier fought for him. The bad one is that he killed a lot of people torture them doing executions and those kind of stuff.

He didn’t deal well with the Stretlsky. Because while he was going back to Russia he heard about that the Streltsky where doing things with out his authorization. This group (Streltsky) was a group created by Ivan the terrible of militaries.

Peter was a very intelligent and resourceful czar. One of the approaches that he got for that title of czar it was that he expands Russia to the west. And with this increase Russia will be in to the western and it will get better in everything like economically, etc. That’s how he earns the title of czar. Then he died 1725 of ammonia. And then his last wife Catherine earns his title.
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