Peter the Great

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Mariana Iglesias
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12 March 2012
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There are leaders who mark history with the failures of their ruling, and some other leaders who marked history for the efficiency of their ruling. Peter the Great was ruling Russia with no knowledge, leading Russia into a way of misery, and also opening the way to Catherine so that she could emerge to the throne. Catherine the great was a German princess who travelled all the way to Russia to meet her new husband and become one of the most important leaders in Russian history. Finally, Russia became one of the most important and biggest countries due to the efficiency of Catherine´s ruling. Catherine the great ruled Russia with knowledge and power; this gave her the ability to stay on the throne with loyalty from her country.

Peter the Great governed Russia with little knowledge, leading Russia on a path of misery, and opening the way for Catherine the Great to take the throne ”Peter III 1728. Czar of Russia, son of Frederick he succeeds to the throne on the death of his aunt, Czarina Elizabeth” (Peter the Great). Peter III, or Peter the Great, descended from the Russian Royal Family, overtime and when Peter´s parents died, his aunt Elizabeth took the throne. Then when Elizabeth died, Peter took the throne of Russia, and the proof of his inability to rule started to emerge. (Peter I was one of the big and important figures since 1689-1725 that lead Russia into a new era). Peter III took control and changed something such as “ordering the proud imperial guards regiments to dispose of their uniforms from the days

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of Peter I in exchange for tight-fitting uniforms in Prussian style”(Catherine 03). After being disposed from what once marked the glory days for Russia, the army felt uncomfortable and insulted watching how they took part of their history.” Catherine decided to take a role in this situation and do something against the irresponsible ruling of Peter III. In the summer of 1762, a conspiracy against Peter III, encoded by Catherine´s lover Griogori Orlov” (Czar Peter iii). Catherine decided to act, she planed with his lover the leakage with the old uniforms of the imperial guards regiment to get all who was against Peter III and take him out of the throne, and she decided to act for the people in Russia, so to release them from the misery that Peter had created. He was dissolute and it is alleged, mentally unbalanced ruler who people from his own country didn't appreciate Catherine the Great travelled from Germany to Russia to finally become one of the most important leaders in Russia. “She was born in Stertting, Pomerania, on April 21 1729 … princess of Anhalt-Zerbst, in January 1744. She was set to meet her new husband. She was not yet 15” (Catherine the Great) she was a German princess who travelled to Russia to marry Peter the Great. Catherine and Peter III soon would become husband and wife. However Catherine had a different point of view than Peter, and that started to create a bad atmosphere between them. Catherine and Peter hated each other, “discrediting himself by his foolish actions, he also prepared to get rid, himself of his wife. Catherine had only to strike.”(Catherine ii) Things started to get worse in their relationship when Peter decided to get rid of Catherine. She had the knowledge about Peter´s intentions and decided to act quickly; Catherine had the support of the army, and “On June, 1762. She led the regiments that had railed to her cause into St. Pittsburgh and had herself proclaimed Empress in the Kazan Cathedral”. (Catherine ii) Finally she decided to act against Peter III, and get him off

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of the throne. A new era was about to begin for Russia with the ruling of Catherine the Great.
Russia made a great progress due to the efficiency of Catherine´s ruling. “The incredible ruler took control of Russia on 22 September, 1762 and remained in control until...
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