Peter Skrzynecki

Topics: Perception, Poetry, World Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Peter Skrzynecki
Peter Skrzynecki explores his perceptions and ideas of belonging in the anthology of poems from “Immigrant chronicle”. The concept of belonging is conveyed through the represent action of people, relationship, ideas, place, events and societies. In the text responders may experience and understand all the facts of belonging or not belonging, this awareness may be influenced by the different ways perspectives are created through the voice of Peter Skrzynecki. The language techniques express and free verse structure his perception of belonging.

A sense of belonging comes through a connection to place. The place can be where you live, for example “10 Mary St” “like a well-oiled lock” is a simile that compares the “lock”to represent a link to place and well-oiled signifies how well something is maintained. In the “post card” “we will meet before you die” creates a sense of possible connection between the composer and Warsaw. So this is show that for a sense of the person needs to accept and understand his background. Finally, connection to place may be a feeling that you could create a sense of belonging. The Skrzynecki left their homeland of Poland lives behind and is on a course to an unknown future-Identity has been left behind, their old world has been left behind and they are anonymous homeless migrants in transition “watching pigeons that watched them”. This shows connections to people seeking to create a sense of belonging, Belonging can enrich our identity and new relationships a can lead to acceptance with understanding. This poem conveys a melancholy atmosphere and a somber tone of apprehension. Skrzynecki uses metaphors to evoke responders sense of feelings of damp, cold and emptiness. These migrants are empty-traumatized by the scenes of violence in Europe and transported to this new country with a new language and a new way of life, on central station they are in limbo. Felix Skrzynecki is at peace, he made the best of his...
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