Peter Skrzynecki

Topics: Australia, Indigenous Australians, Rabbit-Proof Fence Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: December 9, 2012
An individual’s perception of belonging evolves in response to the passage of time and interaction with their world. To what extent is this view of belonging represented in your prescribed text and at least one related text. One’s attitude to belonging can be greatly influenced overtime, due to uncontrollable forces impacting on them. In Felik’s Skrzynecki’s, the father and the persona are slowly pushed away due to cultural differences. The notion of not belonging additionally, is illustrated in Peter Skrzynecki’s other poem, St Patrick’s College as during the persona’s education, he becomes more alienated from the school. In comparison, the film Rabbit Proof Fence directed by Phillip Noyce illustrates how cultural intervention eventually, can alter a family perspective on belonging. Each text powerfully explores the significance of belonging, as they are slowly altered overtime. As time progresses, a connection towards the land but also the detachment from your family can influence the notion of belonging. In Felik’s Skrzynecki, it explores how Felik already has a metaphorical home to the garden as he constantly “swept its paths – Ten time around the world”. The hyperbole conveys a sense of attachment to the garden, as it symbolises the physical journey to stay within its boundaries. Though, the persona feels distanced from his father’s heritage as he unconsciously inherited parts of his Polish background as he remembers “remnants of a language – I inherited unknowingly”. The emphasis of “unknowingly” highlights the first sign of not belonging, as he remembers “remnants” of his Polis heritage. Within the last stanza, the persona’s lack of involvement in his father’s heritage is conveyed through the metaphor “tents/ Further and further south of Hadrian’s wall”. The metaphor conveys that due to the interaction of Australian society, he will drift away from his Polish background, as the wall itself signifies a barrier between one another. Throughout the persona’s...
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