Peter Schultz Research Paper

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Peter Schultz, a small twelve year old Jewish boy living in Opole Poland and his parents Mayo and Levi Shultz lost everything on the 23rd of January, 1943. They were stripped from their home and put in a crowded ghetto. In the ghetto, their clothes were taken and they were given a onesie with stripes and on the right arm it had the star of David. They were put in a small house with twenty five others. The floor was covered in fresh slippery blood. Peter was very frightened at the sight of the small house and all of the very slim, bony people living inside of it. There were about twelve little kids, one boy Peter’s age, and the rest were adults. Peter was shivering, unable to sleep because it was extremely cold and he was given no blankets or pillows. He missed his home, but at least he had his family. The next morning he woke up early to find that his parents and all the adults in the house were gone. Peter now lost everything he had, he had no idea what had happened to them. He went to talk to the kid his age for answers. “Hello, my name is …show more content…
Samson found his dad, Peter knew his dad had passed, and Shmuel had still not found him.
Ten years later the three of them started a company together. Their company sold kitchenware. They hired unemployed Jewish Holocaust survivors, that way they could help out the people who lost everything and maybe find their parents.
A few months later Peter found his mother. She was working on pots and pans when he was looking down the list of employees. He was so excited to be reunited with his mom. Peter told her everything from his new friends to what had happened to his dad and even how he found her by the list. When he told her about that she had a strange look on her face.
“You should double check the list,” Mayo said.
So, Peter looked and looked until on the final page row three column four he read the name “Levi

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