Peter Pan Syndrome

Topics: Narcissistic personality disorder, Antisocial personality disorder, Narcissism Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Peter Pan syndrome, is exactly how it sounds. It's a disorder that is derived from the novel Peter Pan written by J.M. Barrie that defines those who appear as an adult but their actions are quite childlike. The ‘Peter Pans’ of present society “see the adult world as very problematic and glorify adolescence, which is why they want to stay in that state of privilege”, according to Humbelina Robles Ortega, professor of the Department of Personality, Evaluation and Psychological Treatment of the University of Granada and an expert in emotional disorders. Although it can affect both men and women it is often seen in the male population. The syndrome is developed through environmental factors, and cannot be genetically inherited.

“What causes Peter Pan syndrome?”, you may ask. According to top psychologist, it is do to overprotective parents. What this is exactly is that the parent is so overprotective that it does not allow the child to have their own life experiences to grow up and learn on their own, so the “child” is in need of constant parenting. Dan Kiley, who defined Peter Pan syndrome in 1983, also suggests behind every “Peter” there is a “Wendy”. Thus creating the term “Wendy syndrome”, which is used for women who shadows their companions as a motherly figure. Women with “Wendy syndrome” The consistent parenting figure in the person's life with PPS, Peter Pan syndrome, never gives them a chance to grow up. The typical PPS victim experienced a great deal of permissiveness in his upbringing. This led to a lack of self-discipline, demonstrated by laziness and irresponsibility, along with the inability to learn how to control their emotions.

PPS may be diagnosed once the person begins to show symptoms and signs. Certain symptoms are outbursts of emotion, expressing anger to the point of wrath, happiness that turns into extreme panic, frustration that leads to self-pity and/or depression, and they always feel guilty. The use of anger is used to push the...

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