Peter Pan Essay

Topics: Peter and Wendy, Hook, Peter Pan Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Peter Pan was a story about a young boy that never wanted to grow up. Personally, I didn’t really like the play. I think there were things that could have been done better. Things they needed to work on are the backgrounds, making the characters more believable, and I found it very unrealistic. With these three problems corrected, I think the play would have been better.

First, the backgrounds of the play could have better. This little problem is one reason I really disliked it. Just something simple like better designs could have mad the play more enjoyable. And other backgrounds looked more fake than others. The background for when they were sailing looked the worst to me. And the water didn’t look like water at all. This is one important part of a play that makes it fun to watch, because you can believe where the characters are.

Furthermore, the characters were unbelievable. I felt like Peter Pan should not have been played by a girl, because it was meant to be played a boy. Also Tinker bell was very unbelievable because they made her just to be a little glow in the dark ball. Tinker bell should have been played as a real person. Also, you could not hear her speak. To me Tinker bell was a very important part of Peter Pan and they did not show that. This was also a major problem.

Lastly, the play was unrealistic! The props did not work well at all. I was very distracted by the horrific prop, to the point were I couldn’t pay attention to the theatrical performance. It’s ridiculous how something like the props could completely throw you off. I was really trying to pay attention to peter pan because I’m really interested in the movie but I was just to distracted .

So, since the play had bad backgrounds, was unrealistic and had unbelievable characters I strongly disliked peter pan the play. If they fixed these problems then maybe the play would be worth watching! And I wouldn’t easily lose focus.
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