Peter Max

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Peter Max – Biography.
Peter Max is an artist that uses many different styles. He also uses different techniques and medium – he worked with oils, water colors, dyes, pastels, finger paints, acrylics, pen, charcoal, etchings, engravings, colored pencils, animation cells, computer graphics, videoing, serigraphs, lithographs, silk screens, ceramics, sculpture and collage. He likes to use every media and tries to find ways to express global problems and issues through his paintings. Here is a biography of his life. Peter Max was born in Berlin in 1937. He moved with his family to China at a very young age. He was raised in China, in Shanghai. He lived in a house between a Buddhist monastery, a Viennese cafe and a Sikh temple. He learned a lot about these cultures in the first 10 years of his life. When he turned 10, his family started traveling. He visited the Himalayas. When they returned home, they left again to go to India. They later traveled to Africa, Europe again and Israel. In every country he visited, he studied the culture and traditions. In Israel he first started studying art. He also gained an interest in astronomy. In 1953 he traveled to Paris and later, America where he settled. He was 16 at the time. He went to high school there. Then he studied at the art student's league in Manhattan. There he developed his realism skills. After completing the school, he started trying himself in graphic art and commercial illustration. He started winning awards for book jackets and album covers. In them he combined his own realism and graphic art techniques. In 1964 he closed down his studio for an artistic retreat, but later he opened it again. After the retreat was the first time when he began his vibrant use of color, which he is now most known for. He painted lots of different things, ranging from post stamps to humondous painting. His works can be now found in a lot of prominent museums and private collections all around the world. In 1974 Max was...
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