Peter Drucker: 5 Minds for the Future

Topics: Mind, Master's degree, Thought Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Gardner (2008) states the concept of “five minds”, which includes: the disciplined mind, the synthesizing mind, the creating mind, the respectful mind, and the ethical mind. These minds are especially needed by business professionals enable success in their careers. In my opinion, the first three minds are essential, as each of the minds would coherently create a strong character in facing current world. However, the respectful mind and the ethical mind are needed to underpin the first three “minds”. Both of the “minds” are fundamental in dealing with other people; to work respectfully toward each other and to serve purposes beyond self-interest (Gardner 2008, p.3). In regards to my studies in Master of Commerce, I could make use of the learning materials in the class and the vast cultural background of the students to help me cultivate my knowledge and skills regarding the “five minds”.

I believe that Gardner has done a very good job in developing his concept of the “five minds”. Gardner’s first mind, the disciplined mind allows us to improve our skills over time (Gardner 2008, p.3). The synthesizing mind is the ability to put bits of information together. The creating mind is needed when working in volatile conditions (Gardner 2008, p.7). It is very enlightening and applicable to the modern world. In the current era of rapidly developing science and technology, Gardner also suggests that readers should have some mastery in both fields to contribute to the continuing growth of the sectors (Gardner 2008, p.13). Nevertheless, we should possess the respective mind and the ethical mind to balance the other three minds, in order to create comfortable and humane working environments; otherwise workplaces are just going to be areas of cut-throat competitions and intense rivalries.

I myself have experienced this kind of working environment, where it was a tense and competitive world with employees trying to “climb over” each other for the sake of their...
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