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Case 14 – PETCO Develops Successful Stakeholder Relationships What are the ethical risks associated with selling pet and pet products in a retail environment?
Pets are such a strong emotional attachment for many, assessing risk of accusations in the pet retail businesses especially important.
▪ Storage of the animals
▪ The care of the animals while being sold at PETCO ▪ Animals could become infected with disease from humans ▪ Animal Neglect
How has PETCO managed the various ethical concerns that have been expresses by stakeholders?
PETCO has a comprehensive code of ethics. Its main emphasis is that animals always come first, and PETCO wants to ensure that all the employee adhere to this code. One of their most important missions is to promote the health, well-being, and humane treatment of animals. They do this through their vendor selection programs, pet adoption programs, and their partnerships with animal-welfare organizations. PETCO was founded on the principal of “connecting with the community.” In 1999 PETCO established the PETCO Foundation to help them promote charitable, educational, and other philanthropic activities for the betterment of animals everywhere. They have raised more than $28 million since its inception through a combination of programs and fundraisers: ▪ The “Round Up” Program

▪ The “Think Adoption First” Program
▪ The “Spring a Pet” Program
▪ The “Tree of Hope” Program
▪ The “National Pet Adoption Days” Program
▪ The “Kind News” Program

Assess the ethical culture of PETCO.
I believe that PETCO is moving in the right direction in the nature of being ethical. They are training their employees to know how to care and provide for the animals they have for sale. They have gone above and beyond in innovation for the animals by providing unique ways of living for them. I think they have worked hard to maintain internal control that...
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