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Marketing Summary Plan


A service such as Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting Service is very important to people who own animals. Pets are not merely animals to many people, but considered children. Knowing that a pet is being cared for in their own environment is a much sought after relief for many people.

Wags to Whiskers offer a variety of services for an owner when it comes to caring for the pet while a person is away from the home. Items such as feed and watering, walking or exercise, and grooming are just a few of the services available. Cost for services will range from $5 to $35 depending upon the service and time frame needed to complete the service.

The services can be used on a daily basis or for an extended amount of time when a person is out of town. Concentration on professionals and senior citizens will be the target audience to begin the Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting Service. The area of concentration will include the three counties of Northern Kentucky, Boone, Kenton, and Campbell.

Because owners feel guilty for leaving their pets alone for long periods, pet sitting services is one of the fastest growing businesses. If Wags to Whiskers has the perseverance, the opportunities are there for the making in the pet sitting business. This can be accomplished through multiple avenues of advertising, such as newspapers, vet offices, etc.

Goals for Wags to Whiskers will consist of making $25,000 in the first year of business and growing in additional clientele, staff, and revenue over the next three years.

Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting Services offer clients who are busy working long hours away from home a much-needed peace of mind. It is important to the client to know the animal is well taken care of during their absence. Regardless of the type of pet Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitting Service offer feeding, watering, exercise and/or play, administer of medication, transportation to the vet, massages, and will make air travel arrangements for pets. According to Mary Jean Ballner who spoke at the NAPPS annual conference in January, 2005, "Benefits (from massages) are the same as for humans (increases blood flow, releases endorphins, soothes) Benefits pet sitters by (accelerates bonding with all animals, aids with ‘difficult' pets, relaxes scared animals)." Other services offered include grooming (bathe and brush), car rides, nail clipping, misting of birds and reptiles, cleaning cages or tanks, and monitor the temperature within a reptile's habitat.

Many times as a pet sitter, Wags to Whiskers, will bring pet(s), if compatible and spend half an hour with the client's animals. Sociable animals are in constant need of companionship therefore it is important the client's pets be around other pets, if feasible. Services offered in addition to the care of client's pets include bringing in the mail and paper, water plants, remove animal nose-smudges from windows, and sometimes as an added service to steady clients, leave fresh flowers for their arrival. When the client arrives home Wags to Whiskers also leaves a little something for the owner to present to their pet, usually a small inexpensive toy or treat. Wags to Whiskers Pet Sitters offer the widest array of services tailored to meet the needs of hard-working people who want their pets to be happy. Beside the normal cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and fish we will also offer our services to rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, and larger animals such as horses and pygmy goats. To be competitive pricing must be in alignment with other pet sitting services.

Water, feed, walk and clean up any messes½ hour$20/ea weekday trip$25/ea weekend trip Water and feed15 minutes$10/ea weekday trip$15/ea weekend trip Walk dog½ hour$15/ea weekday trip$20/ea weekend trip

Transportation to vet or grooming serviceUnknown$20...
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