Pet Shop in Bangladesh

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1.0 Introduction:
1.1 What is Pet Shop?
A pet store or pet shop is a retail business which sells different kinds of animals. Pet stores also sell pet food, supplies, and accessories. A shop where domestic animals and domestic animal products are on sale means an establishment where companion animals are bought, sold, exchanged, or offered for sale or exchange to the general public.

Pet stores commonly sell
• fish for home
• small birds such as parakeets
• fancy rats
• hamsters
• lizard
• snakes
• tortoises
• fresh water turtles
• mice
• tarantulas,
• fish
• frogs,
• salamanders
• toads,
• caecilians
and other animals used as live food (called feeders) for reptiles and fish are also usually sold. Less common in pet stores are larger mammals such as dogs and cats. In the UK and many other countries, dogs and cats are not sold at pet stores. Exotic pets such as Sugar Gliders, large snakes and large parrots are available at some pet shops. Because the care of these types of animals is difficult and expensive, these are most often carried only in stores that specialize in exotic animals.

1.2 Pet Shop Business in Katabon:
Pet shop business is no longer a new business concept in Bangladesh. In the early 1991 pet shop business has started its journey from katabon in Dhaka city. Pet shop business has started with a few numbers of business men to establish a new business sector. Pet shop market in katabon is the property under the authority of Dhaka University. Dhaka University has given the permission to start the business in present market place. From the small position, there is now almost twenty shops in katabon which are consists birds, dogs, fish and many others categorized animals. The shop opens at 8:00 AM and ends at 8:00 PM. There are several types of pet shop in Katabon. The main types of pets are birds, dogs, monkey, rats, genipap, tortoises, toads, fish, cats and many others items with customers interest. Now there is given severals items descriptions and their price lists. In this business there is no specific seasons. This business runs all the years. The most of the shops mainly hold by one persons. The ordered pets after the sold of their stocks pets. Birds:

The birds are main attractions of katabon pet shop. There are different types of domestic and foreign birds available in katabon. The available birds are Love birds, Parrot, Pigeon, Munia, Mynah, Eagle, Dove, Owl and many others birds. The price of Munia severally 150-250, Pigeon (pairs) 400-10000, Love bird (pairs) 500-100, Eagle 2000-3000 and others at reasonable price. The main foods of birds are paddy, cown, insects etc. The price of the foods vary from 30 to 200 per KG. pet shops generally get birds from the different are of bangladesh. But generally birds comes from pabna, bogura, and India. The birds cage price mainly starts 1000 – 5000 tk which came from China. Dogs:

Dogs also one of the most popular pet in katabon. The people with high status generally prefer to pet the dogs. The dogs mainly came from Russia, Germany, Australia and USA. The price of the dogs may vary with their class and bueaty. The price of the dogs starts 6000-120000 tk. Fishs:

The fishs also one of the popular pet among the people of urban area. But most surpringly that the lower and midlevel people prefer fishs than others pet animals. There are many types of fish available in katabon which are Gold fish, Angel, Molly, Tiger shark etc. the fish mainly came from Thailand. But in Bangladesh Feni district also produces some foreign fish which also not upto the foerign standards. The foods of the mostly came from Thailand which price vary 200-500 per 100 gm. The price of the fish acqurium may vary with size from 400- 5000 tk. The motor of the acqurium 120-12000, power filter 500-1500, decorations items 30-500, stone 10-12 tk kg. The others items of katabon pet markets such as toads price 100-200...
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