Pet Peeve

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Pet Peeve/ Community Issue
One Upper
Attention grabber- How many people here have gone out and witnessed or did something amazing and could not wait to tell someone about it. Finally when you got around the person or people you wanted to tell, someone there had their own story to tell similar to your story just better, faster or bigger than your story. They completely take all your thunder. Tie to the audience- These people are called a one upper, and I’m sure everyone in here currently knows someone like this or has in the past. Credibility- I have been around these types of people for a lot of my life. Seems like people can’t just let you tell a good story without trying to be better than you. These people are called one uppers, and they are one of my biggest pet peeves. Body

Problem- The biggest problem I have with these types of people is the fact that they are lying to my face. I would rather they just not talk at all then lie to me. Soon you will lose your creditability if you continue to do this. Reason- One of the reasons that they do this is to try and fit in with other people. They would fit in a lot better if they were not always trying to be better than everyone else. Just tell your own stories and stop trying to fit in so bad. Cause- The fact that the person is ruining the stories being told is the last thing that makes this one of my biggest pet peeves. Just listen to the story that is being told. When a topic that you know about or something you witnessed comes up then tell your stories. Conclusion

A one upper can be the worst type of person around when telling a story. They usually get on everyone’s nerves. Next time you are around a one upper and want to put their stories to the test do this, make up a story that is completely false and way over board, and see if they have a better one, nine times out of ten they usually will.
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