Pet Peeve

Topics: Talk radio, Female, Debut albums Pages: 1 (463 words) Published: April 3, 2007
"Talk about a hypocrite"
Have you ever had a person just sit and talk and complain to you about something you're doing? A person who tells you how much what you're doing is wrong, and why you shouldn't do it. A person who just nags you all the time, when in all reality they are guilty of doing the exact same thing? Well, I have and it drives me absolutely crazy, which leads me to my biggest pet peeve of all time hypocrites!I have a girlfriend that used to always get on to me about talking to other girls, but then she would turn around and be on the phone the with some guy that was trying to get with her. Every time I would say something to her, she would act as if it was no big deal, "He's just my friend" ,she would say. Oh but when it came to me saying that they're just my friends it is a whole different issue. She always said that I was trying to get with the girls that I talked to. That was definitely not the case; I'm just a friendly guy and have a lot of female friends. She treated me like I was a some kind of jerk and that I would cheat on her with every girl I came in contact with, but it is not even like that with me.

I have had many other problems with her and my greatest pet peeve as well. Any time that I would want to go out somewhere she did not approve of , she would throw a fit until I agreed to go somewhere with her or not even go out at all. I would want to go out to a club or to a party, and she would hate it; she would not even accept it. I mean you would think that I was asking to do something extreme like go get extremely close with another girl. If she wanted to go to a club, I would never have a problem with it and that is how I wanted her to act towards me, but I knew that was never going to happen. I didn't think a girl like her could ever change but I had little hope, which definitely did me some good. She did in fact change. She is no longer a hypocrite, well at least not about that.

In conclusion, I would have to say...
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