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Topics: Fishkeeping, Aquarium, Goldfish Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: April 23, 2011
The story that I have chosen relates to having a fish for a pet. The importance of having any pet is knowing how to take care of them and feeding them when they need to be fed. It may be difficult to look after an animal all day but they should be treated as any living thing. It takes heart to care for someone, its goes the same for taking caring care of a pet and making sure they are okay. Owning a pet should be a privilege because these animals depend on you and that is like a gift to own. Every pet deserves a loving and dependable care-taker even as simple as having a pet gold fish.

Gold fishes would make a good and simple pet; it doesn’t take a lot of looking after and being for it all the time. From my experiences with having a fish for a pet, it is very important to keep its environment nice and clean, similar to us because an appropriate environment with clear air and fresh water is very important to our health. Before cleansing your fish’s environment, the water in its fish tank or fish bowl should always be dumped or replaced then refilled with the right or close to the temperature of water that the fish was in. Water temperature is very important for a fish to swim in because if the temperature is too high or too low it can kill it, when placing your pet fish back into its fish tank, the water temp should be tested.

As common as having any kind of pet, it should always be fed daily or once and every now and then. An underwater sea creature needs a meal daily to survive, when taking care of a gold fish, from my experience it should be fed daily at least once a day. While having a pet such as a gold fish, it is important to know what particular meal it favors. Therefore, the correct fish food should be given to it daily because some pet fishes wouldn’t eat everything it is given. It is also important to always feed the correct amount it normally consumes, not too little or too much. Overfeeding a goldfish can really upset its tummy, it can be...
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