Pet Evacuation for Future Natural Disasters

Topics: Hurricane Katrina, Emergency evacuation, Federal Emergency Management Agency Pages: 4 (1598 words) Published: May 1, 2006
The Silent Victims
During recent history, there have been many occurrences of natural disasters throughout various parts of the United States. In this time of panic, there are many innocent victims that are caught in the middle of these disasters. Amongst those victims there are none more innocent than the animals and the pets. During the hurricane Katrina disaster, hundreds and thousands of animals were either killed or abandoned in New Orleans. To prevent future disasters or massacres from occurring, the United States Government should establish an evacuation plan that includes pets and animals. In other countries around the world these acts would fall under animal cruelty. "In Britain, the Protection of Animals Act of 1911 makes it a criminal offense to "cruelly beat, kick, ill-treat, over-ride, over-drive, over-load, torture, infuriate, or terrify any animal" or to impose "unnecessary suffering" on animals" (Francione 7). Just like people can be persecuted for crimes and looting during these disasters people should also be persecuted for any cases of animal cruelty that surface during these times of emergency.

Currently there are many problems that are being discussed as a result of the Hurricane Katrina disaster; one of the main discussions that continuously are brought up is the lack of preparation that the United States Government showed during the time of national emergency. Currently there are no evacuation plans that target animals or pets in time of disaster. The reason that it has been allowed to happen is because of the lack of acknowledgement that animal rights receives throughout the United States and the world. There are laws that have been established to control the cruelty that animals have to encounter. The problem with these laws is that they are not strict enough. Under these laws people get punished if they leave their pets without proper shelter or without proper food source for an extended period of time. What is the difference...
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