Pesuasive Writing

Topics: Rhetoric, Logos, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: May 17, 2012
The two persuasive essays called “Doing Nothing is something” by Anna Quindlen and “Kids Really Aren’t Overscheduled” by Salynn Boyle are trying to persuade the reader to believe their point of view of the idea that kids have “too much to do.”Anna Qindlen thinks that kids have too much to do and when you’re doin nothing, you actually at your best. She thinks that when someone is “bored to death” that creativity and ingenuity are in the peak of action. On the other hand, Salynn Boyle says that we don’t have too much to do. She says that playing sports and other activities keep kids out of trouble and it usually benefits them in a way that nothing else will. I would agree more with Salynn Boyle because kids should do more and it keeps them off the streets selling dope or boosting cars. Going out and doing something teaches the kid something that he/she will never learn by going to school or college. It teaches them qualities such as determination, team-work, mental toughness, and most of all, having fun.

Anna Quindlen is more centered on pathos. She tries to move the reader to thinking how she does. More times than not, she uses sympathetic reasons instead of factual or logical reasoning. She stated ”It is not simply that it is pathetic to consider the lives of children who don’t have a moment between pianno and dance and homework to talk about their day or just search for split ends, an enormously satisfying leisure-times activity of my youth.” She uses loaded words such as, pathetic, moment, split ends, enormously, and satisfying that reveal an attempt to make the reader be sympathetic to her cause. She uses a flashback to her childhood to make the readers relate to her idea. Quindlen comes back with ethos immediately. She backs up some info with research to make the reader have mixed feelings of relation and factual sense. She says “There is also ample physiological research suggesting that what we might call “doing nothing” is when human beings...
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