PESTLE of Tata Steel

Topics: Tata Steel, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: November 30, 2013
 Business assessment The assessment through PESTLE model to analysis the Tata steel company and discuss the main driver function and how they responding to them. Then,the assessment will make conclusion that the reason the Tata steel development quick . Introduction to Tata steel

TATA STEEL is one of the major companies in INDIA. TATA STEEL is also call TISCO. (Tata Iron and Steel Company). The company major produces the hot and cold rolled coils, sheets, tubes, rods, bearings, and other equipment and services with the steel. “The Tata steel company was established in 1907 and this is India’s largest privately owned steel company The company is 55th largest steel company in the world. And the company had its raw-material resources at Jamshedpur ”.(Sinha,Agrawal,2009) The PESTLE analysis to Tata steel

The PESTLE analysis contain the Political, Economic,Technological , Environment and Socio-culture areas from by which the company effect. Political
The company has complete heath and safety policy such as ‘All injuries and work related illness can and must be prevented ,all employees and contractors are responsible for their own health and safety and that of their colleagues, with management accountable and Employee engagement and training is essential..’(Heal and safety policy,TATA steel, wedside).Then, it will increase productive and increase employee motive in the work. Economic

The global strategy is very important project in the company, it can open the market and decrease the risk from the business.Such as The Tata company intended to make its products available in other foreign markets such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.(Sinha,A.,Agrawal,P.,Tata steel:In Quest of Globalization.IBS) however ,we know through the economic scale increase it will decrease the operate it will bring the advantage to Tata steel.However, the India has the biggest labor...

References: (H. M. Nerurkar,CEO of Tata steel 2011)
(Sinha,A.,Agrawal,P.,Tata steel:In Quest of Globalization.IBS)
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