Pestle Analysis- Should Caravan Club Invest in N.Ireland ?

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The Caravan Club


The Caravan Club is an organisation representing caravanners in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The Caravan Club is in its 103rd year and has a strong ethos of representing its one million members and providing them with quality products and services. Whilst wanting to increase its presence in Northern Ireland, many factors must be considered will be evaluated using a PESTLE analysis tool. By implementing such a research framework; a systematic, objective collection and analysis of data about particular target market, competition, and environment variables, the company will be better placed to understand the ‘meso-economic and macro-economic environments in which they operate and in this case help the company strategically plan for new development in Northern Ireland.


• Tourism in Northern Ireland has had to develop within the context of political unrest.

This would be deemed one of the main reasons for a thorough analysis into a NI investment.


Visitor trips (number) to Northern Ireland, nights spent (number), and revenue generated (£million), 1963, 1967, 1972, and 1988 to 2001

The political situation in Northern Ireland has improved noticeably since the days of ‘The Troubles.’

The Good Friday Agreement signed in 1998 the governments of the North and South of Ireland has taken a more formally pro-active role in facilitating greater co-operation between their tourism boards. Cross-border co-operation is now seen as part of a wider government Strategy in Britain and Ireland to support the peace process and a political settlement.

Political will and clear government policy has, in the last number of years, helped to facilitate greater co-operation and give strong and unambiguous direction to the boards. Under this situation any overriding concerns about co-operation have been set aside as partnership is now priority government policy. There is clear government commitment to cooperation and this has filtered down to the tourist boards and individuals within the organisations.

(Greer 2002: 362)

There will be the threat of potential dissident republican violence, but despite the possibility of isolated violence, to avoid N.I would be like avoiding L.A because there might be an earthquake.

The Northern Ireland Executive and DETI have attached a priority to the Tourism sector. This reflects the fact that there is considerable scope to boost the contribution tourism makes to the overall economy. For example, although the revenue generated by the tourism sector has almost doubled since the mid-1990s, its overall contribution to the economy (1.9%) remains much less than elsewhere in the UK (3.2%).

(DETI, 2008-2011)

Established in 1948, the NITB is one of the four agencies within, and responsible to, the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) – the other three agencies are: Invest Northern Ireland; General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland and the Health & Safety Executive for Northern Ireland.

Arlene Foster (DUP)

I believe that tourism is the business not just of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board, Tourism Ireland and the Department but of everybody in the private sector as well. I very much hope that the capital investment that has been put into the signature projects over the past three years will now bear fruit for us, not least across signature projects such as the Titanic Quarter project, which is making great progress, as I am sure many Members have seen as they drive past it. We also see the way that the UK...

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