Pesticides and effects

Topics: Pesticide, Organic food, Soil Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Pesticide-based repellents and lawn treatments are both becoming things of the past as alternative products have surfaced that are every bit as effective as their chemical cousins, lacking only the negative side effects.
Are you wondering how chemical pesticides may affect our lives? We have summarized some of their potentially harmful effects on the environment, our health and our home.
Environmental Effects

Studies have shown that chemical pesticides linger in the atmosphere, the ground and in our waterways long after they have ceased to be used in a given area. Almost 100 years of chemicals placed on fields across the world all add up to quite a bit of lingering pollution!

Pesticide transfer is a major way in which chemicals cause collateral damage beyond their intended use. For example, thePesticides and the Environment, Agricultural MU Guide explains that "for certain pesticides to be effective, they must move within the soil…too much movement can move a pesticide away from the target pest. This can lead to reduced pest control, contamination of surface water and groundwater and injury of non-target species, including humans." Pesticides always end up traveling outside of their intended area of use - by air, soil or by water.

Organic products do not eliminate the travel aspect of repellents, but, by nature, their less harmful composition minimizes the harm done by the voyage. Food-based organic repellents (e.g. putrescent eggs, capsaicin) are big steps in the right direction towards reducing potentially harmful chemical pesticides from the marketplace and ultimately from our food.

Effects On Soil

Once farmers went to widespread the use of chemical pesticides across the world, a drastic change in soil health followed. "‘The United States government estimates that levels of trace minerals in fruit and vegetables fell by up to 76% between 1940 and 1991" says Cleeton. The depleted nutritional value of our soil is tied...
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