Pestel and Swot Mcdonald's in China

Topics: Law, Want, Political philosophy Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: February 13, 2012
PESTLE is the abbreviation of political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environment. Every type of business will have PESTLE analysis to make the business can be accepted in the society. This report will write some PESTLE analysis about McDonald’s in China. •Political

There is a rule and law in China that everyone should obey it. In 1990, McDonald’s had trouble because they did not obey the law and the rule. They build a store in a area where government want to take it whenever they want. In China, the rule and the law is every land or area belongs to the government. One day, when government wants to take the land for the government business, McDonald’s side did not want to give it to the government because in USA, the law is different from China. In the USA, a land that has they been brought that will belong to them. Finally, government destroyed the store perforce (China Daily, 2008). •Economical

China is the one of the developed country which has a good economy. The inflation of economy in China is going rapidly. Every year, China’s economical always going increase and many investors invest their capital in China. They know they will have many opportunities and profit when they invest their capital in China. One of the example is McDonald’s. McDonald’s open the first store in the Shenzhen and start from there, McDonald’s become famous in China. McDonald’s get many profits in every years. (Chinability, 2011) •Technological

Now, technology in China become modern and practice. They make technology more practice and easier than before. As the economy in China is increasing, the technology in China also increasing. For instance, McDonald’s has a delivery service 24/7 and customer can buy the food via phone or online. People do not need to come to the store to buy the food. They can enjoy their food in house or wherever they are, then the worker can deliver the food. The service cost is not that expensive. People only pay ¥7 for the...
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