PESTEL Analysis of Waitrose and the Micro-Environment

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The Business Environment

Activity 1: Undertake a PESTEL analysis for your chosen organisation. Under each of the headings below, identify5 key factors which will impact your chosen organisation. Chosen Organisation: Waitrose

Planning policy guidance – It is very difficult to get out of town planning permissions and therefore expansions to the towns is limited. Competition commission reports state the supermarkets should not keep prices unduly high. Customers are more emphasised on healthy eating and organic foods rather than genetically modified food. EU competition Law

Trading policies – Fresh citrus fruits exported from Africa to the UK Economic:
Market Value
Waitrose is recognised for its focus on targeting the up market with a wide range of quality and fresh products. Recession – Following the recession more and more discount products have been sold in Waitrose. It was a method to make more customers come back to Waitrose. Its Essentials range, aimed luring value-conscious customers away from the discount sector boosted Waitrose. ( Waitrose sales grew during the recession in 2009.) Socio-cultural:

Organics and healthy eating –Waitrose offer healthier alternatives to your favourite foods. Eating out and take-away
Environmental conscious
¾ of shoppers travel by car – Waitrose always build a large and good car park for customers. Waitrose use 1.5 hours parking for free if customers want to buy products in Waitrose. This helps increase the customers. Understanding customers needs – Waitrose set up a website for free home delivery to make it easier for the customer.

Global communication/IT
Supply Chain Optimization
Transport/ cool storage
Bar code/ stock management
Maturity of technology
Traffic congestion
Transportation of products/ produces climate changing emissions Organic farming - maintenance of landscapes and rural communities Use low carbon technology for any...
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