Pestel Analysis of Nokia in Malaysia

Topics: Mobile phone, Inflation, Politics of Malaysia Pages: 14 (3620 words) Published: March 31, 2011
- Introduction: P 3 - Macro Environmental Factors: P 4 - Political and Legal Factors: P 4 1) Malaysian Sale Tax and Tariffs for Mobile Phones P 4 2) Labour Law P 4 3) Trade Restriction P 7 4) Consumer Law P 8 - Economic Factors: P 8 1) Economic Growth P 8 2) Inflation Rate P 10 3) Interest Rate P 11 - Social Factors: P 12 1) Custom P 12 2) Life Style P 13 3) Values P 14 - Environmental Factors: P 15 1) Wasted Material P 16 2) Noises P 17 3) Eco-system P 17 - Conclusion: P 17 - References: P 18 Introduction:

Nokia can be classified as an international organization and hence it has to work towards a global brand, and this requires focusing on macro environmental factors. Macro environmental factors comprise Political & legal, Economics, Society, Technology and Environmental. It is necessary force that Nokia has to concern and know what is happening in the other countries at the moment because there are different cultures and different external factors between different countries. Nokia has to adjust its strategic plan in order to develop an international market. Labour Law Policies

Malaysian Sale Tax
& Tariffs Policies

Economic Factors
Political and Legal Factors
Trade Restriction

Consumer Law Policies


Environmental Factors
Social Factors

Life Style

Macro-Environmental factors that Nokia should consider about before coming through Malaysian market:

1) Political and legal factors:
1-1) Malaysian Sale Tax & tariff Policies for Mobile Phones: (Budget 2011: Sales Tax Exemptions on Mobile Phones)

Ordinary mobile phones are subject to sales tax of 10% whereas Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) with Global System Mobile (eg. smart phones)  which may function as a mobile phone is given sales exemption.  

In order to streamline the discrepancy in sales...
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