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PESTEL and SWOT analysis of Marks and Spencer
This essay has been written by a regular student and is *not* an example of our own work. If you would like your own custom essay written just for you by one of our professionals then click here to learn more. For the purpose becoming successful in the current condition of the world, the organizations also should focus on the external environmental factors, along with the considerations are given toward the internal environment by the organizations. Resources and employees are included on the internal factors where external factors consist of political, economical, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors. Through describing these factors, it can be found out about the current conditions of the organization and the positive and negative effect of changes on the organizations. PEST analysis:

Political factors:
In modern organizations such as: Tesco, and Marks & Spencer, there has the significant affects of the global politics. The activities of global politics for example: the incident of 9/11, Soviet Union collapse, Germany’s reunification, WTO policies, have significant effect on the Tesco, and Marks & Spencer’s business operation and the results of which may impede the development of the organization. Economic factor:

Tesco, and Marks & Spencer, these three organizations handle the scarce resource allocation which is related with the economic system. The economic progress of the country is done by leaps and bounds as the phase of progress. In the flourishing stage of economy rising level of people’s standard of living may result to grow the business of Tesco, and Marks & Spencer.

Social factor:
Inspiration, outlook and activity are considered as the foundation of the progress of the society in relation to the human affairs. Therefore, customer actions which are related with the approach and activities of them keep contribution on affecting the business of Tesco, and Marks & Spencer. There are...
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