Pest on Tesco

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List of Tables and Diagrams2
Findings – Results2
Conclusion and Recommendations2

List of Tables and Diagrams

The diagrams and the tables that are used in this report are the below: Economic growth diagram
Inflation diagram
Unemployment diagram
Immigration diagram


I would like to thank all the people who are behind these sites and all the web sites that I used, which were very helpful for me to finish my report.


In the PEST analysis below is given a description of the environment of the chosen firm in which the firm operates. Also are given some reasons of the importance of the PEST analysis and in the end is provided the influence of political, economical, social and technological factors in the firm’s operation.


Tesco is probably one of the largest food retailers in the UK and generally one of the largest in the world. Tesco operates around 2,318 stores and employs over than 360,000 people (internet source 1). It gives the ability to the consumers to make shopping online, through its subsidiary Tesco has a wide range of services and is not limited as a normal supermarket. Originally, it is specializing in food and drink, but also it is spread into many other areas. Some of these areas could be clothing, financial services, home and car insurance. PEST analysis is a powerful tool for understanding the external environment which surrounds the business. To be more specific, what it is meant to be the expression PEST is the Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors that a firm’s operation can be expressed. Before starting a new business, in the running time of an organization and basically to monitor the future of the organization, it is essential to be carried out a PEST analysis. The aim of the report for Pest analysis of Tesco’s is to monitor the present and to keep an eye on the future. However, the reason of doing the Pest analysis is for checking any changes that could be done in the future and might influence the firm’s behavior, in political, economic, social and technological issues. Methodology

Using internet as main source of the report, information about employment law, economic growth, inflation, unemployment, immigration, internet, innovation and technological advances will be taken under consideration. It will be helpful to understand how all these factors influence the firm at present and have an eye on the future.

Findings – Results
In this section of the report are mentioned the main macroeconomic objectives that government tries to support in order to keep up stability of the economy. These objectives are economic growth, inflation, unemployment and immigration. PATERNITY LEAVE AND PAY IS EXTENTED

If the mother of the child returns to work before the maternity leave period ends to which she is entitled and then fathers will be able to benefit from up to 26 weeks’ additional leave. This may be paid and will be available when the child goes over the first six months of his life, if the taken during the mother’s statutory maternity pay period. The legislation of this law is to come into force in April 2010, with effect for parents of babies due from 3 April 2011. (Internet source 1) ECONOMIC GROWTH

Since the summer of 2007 and the till nowadays, the economy of many countries round the word, suffers from the global crisis, one of these countries is also UK and it is to be expected the negative affection on the economic growth of the country. However, as Davison (2007:270) states, “In some years there is a high rate of economic and in other years, economic growth is low or even negative”. This rising and falling of the economic growth is not something unusual. In addition,...

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