Pest of Computer Industry

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The Indian ICT industry
Enabling Global Competitiveness and Driving Innovation with Equitable Growth A DV I S O RY

Foreword from CII
The Indian ICT Industry has witnessed excellent growth in the past two decades. Capitalizing on its advantages of talent pool, lower cost of operation and the innovative remote delivery model, India has established itself as a global leader in the ICT sector. Today, India is clearly acknowledged as the global services hub. However, the industry today is facing many challenges in terms of rising costs, availability of quality talent pool, security and IP protection and infrastructure concerns. This coupled with changing customer expectations and emergence of other low cost locations is further deepening the threat to the Indian ICT industry. To sustain the growth and achieve global leadership, the Indian ICT industry needs to move from being a low cost service provider to a high end solution provider. The industry needs to provide innovative solutions of higher value to the global customers. This innovation need not necessarily be in Products but could be in Services, Processes and even Business models. Innovation will lead to exponential growth and help the industry break out of the linear business growth. The success of such innovation will be far reaching and help us achieve global leadership quickly. For this, we need to create a culture or innovation and an ecosystem to nurture and encourage entrepreneurs. The Government, Industry, Institutes, Investors and other stakeholders need to come together to create such an ecosystem. While Innovation will lead to global competitiveness, growth and leadership, such growth needs to be equitable and broad-based. The growth should reach the tier 2 and 3 cities and shall not be limited to the major cities. The ICT industry’s growth should also touch the society - both rural and urban through technology led transformation solution. The ICT should also benefit the common man through better e-governance initiatives. It is heartening to note that today we have many such initiatives from the Government and Corporate. By fostering a culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we could enable global competitiveness and equitable growth a reality in the ICT industry and other Industry sectors.

Subu D Subramanian Chairman, CONNECT 2008

Foreword from KPMG in India
The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry is growing rapidly the world over, as businesses and governments have understood that technology delivers greater efficiency and higher productivity. The Indian government and enterprises have rapidly identified opportunity spaces within this global demand for technology related investments, primarily in the services arena, and have created an ecosystem for technology services delivery. For more than two decades now, the information technology sector has been playing a critical role in the success of economies across the globe. Business strategies and structures of companies and industries are undergoing a transformation as communication within companies and users occurs more rapidly, with customized information, greater security, interactivity and timeliness than before. In addition, there is an awareness of transformation of business models and adoption of e-business based exchanges, auctions, integrated supply chains, etc. What is also important to note that traditional definitions of organization boundaries have disappeared, and new definitions emerge and get dissolved at an equally rapid rate. The ongoing development of the ICT industry is due to the government and industry's commitment to create and support the policy framework, infrastructure, capital pool, partnerships and skill base. The growth of the industry is also driven by another factor - the convergence of communications and IT where knowledge can be disseminated in real time. With the adoption of a liberalized regulatory...
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