Pest Analysis on Indian Industries

Topics: Marketing, Quotation, Quotation mark Pages: 7 (1999 words) Published: May 10, 2010
Course Title:MBA (Full time and Part Time)

Module Title:Marketing Futures II

Module Number:G106666

Module Tutor:Jackie Harris

Date set:Week commencing w/c 8th March 2010

Date due:On or before 20th April 2010
Return to Business School Office

Date to be returned:Assignments will be marked within the regulatory 15 workings days and will then be available for collection from your module Tutor

Note A re-sit assignment will be set to facilitate grade retrieval if required.

Learning Outcomes covered:

* To develop an understanding of the implementation of contemporary marketing theory * To explore the use of contemporary marketing within contextualised organisational environments and identify innovative use of contemporary marketing practice * To identify characteristics of consumerism in society and its implications for the organisation in strategic decision making * To understand the sociological, anthropological, and psychological constructs within contemporary marketing * To explore the challenges that contemporary marketing practice presents to organisations * To enable students to develop alternative approaches to marketing practice

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the module the student should be able to:

Number| Domain:| Description:|
1| Knowledge| Understand the challenges of contextual marketing. Evaluate contemporary marketing implementation and discuss in the context of current marketing cases.| 2| Research| Acquire, evaluate and analyse information from primary, secondary and cyberial sources to develop understanding of contextual marketing practice.| 3| Critical thinking| Prepare cohesive explanations and interpretations from theoretical constructs to inform the development of strategic direction| 4| Argument development| Appraise the marketing function in a contemporary organisational context through the analysis of materials | 5| Communication| Present information demonstrating quality and clarity of expression, use of terminology appropriate for the target audience by communicating contemporary marketing theories in a coherent way.| 6| Key skills| Demonstrate autonomy, self-appraisal and reflection in completing work. Analyse and discuss case study material in tutorials both in groups as well as an individual. Use of practical and analytical skills to discuss contemporary marketing case study material and produce narrative showing an awareness of the challenges facing marketers. Develop an understanding of the social responsibility and ethical issues facing marketers.|

‘The period we are entering is one of unconventional thinking and unprecedented change, one where all those ideas debated during the previous decade – climate change, GM, consumer behaviour, the impact of web 2.0 on our retail landscape – finally come home to roost,’ says Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory. ‘What’s more, they’re making an impact in ways we were least expecting, and had made little or no preparation for. It’s at this point in time when brands, businesses and organisations ask themselves this: Are we looking forward or back? Are we part of the 21st century, or happy to stay within the familiar grounds of the one just concluded? It’s time to decide (March 2010). The Turbulent Teens also promise to be a 10-year period of creative growth, market innovation and brand change. Background

The biggest challenge for businesses today in understanding how to take advantage of all the information available to it, and distil it into a meaningful future strategy, executives who can deliver a ' to the point' answer about where the future is going, will be in demand - anyone who is capable of explaining the main ten, five, or even three key drivers shaping not only their industry but the entire business arena create a strategy based on their understanding of...
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