Pest Analysis Cully and Sully

Topics: Cooking, SuperValu, Food Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: October 10, 2008
Colm O’Sullivan and Cullen Allen set up their business in 2003. Colm has always had an interest in food while Cullen has always had an obsession with business. So they combined their strengths and Cully and Sully was born. Colm and Cullen had noticed the huge growth in the ‘convenience’ food industry for today’s cash rich, time poor generation but they spotted a problem with this food, or more aptly, an opportunity. The food on offer is often of poor quality and a reputation has grown up around this. So how could they bring a customer high quality food but do it quickly? Using a method called “sous vide” from France which involves cooking food for a long period of time in airtight plastic bags which are placed in hot water. This food has a shelf life of a month and Colm and Cullen have adopted this as their favored method of cooking in terms of lifetime and quality of the product.

They decided to outsource their production to France because of the associated costs of building a factory and tending to a workforce. By previous employment Colm had built up extensive contacts within the Musgrave Group which distribute to SuperValu and Centra in Ireland and through these Cully and Sully gained a foothold in the retail sector.

Cully and Sully look into expanding their product base and they went into the soup industry. Today they deal with the ‘convenience’ food sector in both meals and soups. Cully and Sully have since gained a major foothold in the market and the brand can be seen on shelves in Dunnes Stores and Tesco along with those of the Musgrave Group. Today they are a huge success, offering a different product from the competitive ‘convenience’ sector through their emphasis on fresh, organic and wholesome aspects of their products.

A PESTEL Analysis of Cully and Sully.

From a political point of view Cully and Sully have transportation costs to worry about. The price of fuel is heavily rising and the taxes are partially responsible...
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