Peruvian Economy
Topics: Alberto Fujimori, Peru, Cusco / Pages: 5 (1134 words) / Published: May 9th, 2008

Effectiveness of Police Force: 1.5

Because of the corruption and poverty in Peru, the police forces are on the side of the rich or who gives them money. Therefore, the population does not trust police forces and sometimes communities do their own rules. For instances, Unions throughout the country have been striking and protesting for better living conditions and against some of President Alejandro Toledo?s economic policies during the past year. For example, in April 2002, the government had to halt plans to privatize part of their electrical plants in the town of Arequipa following mass demonstrations. Two demonstrators died in circumstances suggesting that the security forces used excessive force to disperse protesters. Social and economic rights are far from being fulfilled in a country were according to the Peruvian Institute of Statistics, over 50 percent of the population live in poverty. 12/03

4. - Private Property: 1.5

Peru, covering a land area of 149 million square kilometers, is the third largest country in South America behind Brazil and Argentina. The country is home to 25 million people.

In Peru, 54 percent of the population is in poverty, and that means that the people do not have enough income for their every day meal. Therefore, they do not have the ability to own a home. So, they build unsanitary houses around the hills of the large cities. There is no law that reinforces private poverty or preventing low income people building houses. 12/03

5. - Commercial Banks: 3

Peru's banking system is composed of 14 commercial banks and 26 municipal and rural savings banks, together with four government-owned entities: the Central Bank (Banco Central de Reserva del Peru, or BCRP), the government's financial agent (Banco de la Nacion), and two development banks (COFIDE and the Agrarian Bank). The

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