Perusasive Essay: Employer Paid Tuition

Topics: Employment, Qwest, G.I. Bill Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: August 29, 2010
Persuasive Essay: Employer Paid Tuition
Angela Carman
June 18, 2010
Patricia Moody

Persuasive Essay: Employer Paid Tuition
Even though the process an employer must follow to maintain an education assistance program is tedious, and sometimes more costly than worth it for the employer. Employers investing in their employees’ education are investing in the future of their company, because employees with higher education are more likely to stay invested; this prevents costly training of frequent and newly hired replacement employees. When taken into consideration, an education assistance program offered by an employer has many benefits to the employer and the employee. These benefits include: • Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 127 provides a tax-free amount for an employer to pay for tuition assistance of up to $5,250 per calendar year per employee (ArlenGroup, 2010). • Minimized turnover and cost for training of frequent, newly hired employees. • Educated employees are proven to be better organized which will result a more productive workforce. Qwest Communication Corporation (Qwest) has been my employer for just over the past 10 years, and for all 10 of those years I was aware of the tuition assistance program, Pathways, available to Qwest employees; I am still kicking myself for not taking advantage of the program sooner. It was the math that motivated me to return to school: 10 years at $5,250 per year totals to $52,500 in tuition assistance that I will never get back. It does not come as a surprise that I work for an employer who recognizes the value of their employees, but I am quite a bit surprised when I realize my coworkers around me at work not taking advantage of these benefits, also. Technology changes every day. Each time the television is on there is a new commercial advertising the newest cell phones. Just a year ago the fancy upgrades involved touch screens and Internet...

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