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Peru is one of the many Spanish speaking countries in the world. More than 80% of its population speaks Spanish, although this is not the only thing that makes Peru fascinating. It has many aspects that make it unique. These aspects include culture, traditions, agriculture, economy, and history. Traditions and cultures include various amounts and forms of art. Peru’s agriculture is supported by the coast, sierra, and jungle. Peru is a democratic republic, and its history ranges back to more than 20,000 years ago. Peru’s culture claims one of the largest varieties of arts and crafts. The diversity, color, and creativity of the art create Peru’s cultural identity. Peru’s art merges with those of the Spaniards, therefore creating a diverse Spanish culture. Peruvian art skills range from making pottery to the geometrical design of weaving. Another aspect creating Peru’s culture is its art of music and dances. Peru has many instruments that create it popular musical harmonies, from the quena- a traditional flute, to the pututos- a wind instrument. Peru has more than 1,300 musical genres that are heard across the country every day. Peruvian tradition is formed by folk festivals, art, and traditional dresses. In Peru, around 3,000 folk festivals are held each year. The majority of the festivals are held in devotion to a patron saint, although some festivals are held to honor the mythical ancestors. Peruvian folk art includes carving stone, as well as wooden, sculptures. Pottery is created from gold, silver and ceramics made of clay. Traditional dresses are dependent on the region. Along the coast of Peru, farmers wear ponchos made of cotton or wool. In the sierra, the skirts have a stripe of black and/or red. Within the jungle, men and women of certain groups wear a large tunic sewn on the side of their clothing, and fashion themselves with geometric figures. And in the cold regions of Peru, Peruvians wear hats that cover over the ears. The agriculture of Peru

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