Topics: English-language films, Pearl, World Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: June 3, 2011
Persuasive Essay
When a man spends his life, day in and day out as his people have always done, how one pearl could change his whole world around, his wife, his child and his village. Even the pearl of the world couldn't tear the people of song with its greed, jealousy, and hate, only after paying for it with the ultimate price would the fog rise and Kino could see the right and wrong again. He knew he only had one option on how to destroy the pearl and that was to throw the pearl with all its beauty and empty dreams to the place from which it came. Juana agreed it was the right thing to do as he held the dead motionless body of their son on her back; she stood next to Kino and watched him fling the pearl with all his might. They stood there for a long time and as the pearl dropped further and further to the ocean floor the weight on their shoulders lifted more and more. The pearl was welcomed back to the “lovely green water and the waving green algae beckoned to it.” Once the sand settled the pearl was gone for good. After such a long emotional and physical journey one might say that there were other ways to get rid of the pearl. He could have sold it to the local pearl buyers no matter how small the offer, he could have continued on with his journey to the capital and got all the riches in the world from the pearl buyer there, also could have donated it to the church for which the pearl would have been taken in with open hands. That's not what he chose to do, he returned to his people and his way life hoping that he could start their live over again, they had already lost their son due to the greed that consumed him. Returning to the village and returning the pearl was the only thing for Kino and Juana to do, the people of the song are about the family and the support it was his safety net. As they entered the village from the country road “They seemed to carry two towers of darkness with them. Kino had a rifle across his arm and Juana carried her shawl like...
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