Persusaive Speech

Topics: Drug test, Drug addiction, Heroin Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Tressa Gettelfinger
English 202 College Speech
Persuasive speech #1
Topic: People should be Drug Tested to be on Welfare
Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade people into wanting people to be drug tested to get welfare. Central Idea: If you have to be drug tested to get a job, you should have to be drug tested to get money from the government. Order of Main Points: Spatial

I. Introduction
a. There is a growing movement to make sure those on general welfare aren’t also on drugs. In these hard economic times, voters don’t want their tax dollars wasted on fueling the habits of junkies. Americans take a hard line on this dual habit. In a poll that was taken in July of 2011, fifty-three percent believe all welfare recipients should be tested before receiving benefits. Thirteen percent support random drug testing and twenty-nine percent think testing should be used if there was a reasonable suspicion of illegal drug use. II. Main Points

b. What is welfare?
i. Welfare is any program in which the government provides money or services to citizens who are in need of a welfare program. ii. Welfare is managed on a state-by-state basis. Meaning programs vary from state to state. All states maintain food stamps and medical assistance. c. Tax Payers

iii. Many tax payers want people on welfare to also be drug tested. Most tax payers do not want to be paying for a drug addiction of those receiving welfare, if they are in fact using it to buy heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, etc. iv. Also, when applying for a job, you more than likely will have to take a drug test to get hired. So, if you have to take a drug test to work for your money, you should have to take a drug test to have the government hand you money. d. “Hand up NOT Hand out”

v. People who favor this say that testing will help those who need drug treatment get it and therefore be better qualified to obtain and keep...
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