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Persuassive Speech on Vaccines

By Harley08 May 29, 2012 375 Words
Importance of Immunizations

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience of the benefits of Immunizations. It may seem that all the talk about vaccines has drowned out the benefits. But when you look at how far we have come at beating infectious diseases, vaccines are truly amazing. Thesis: We will be covering 3 areas of vaccines 1) How vaccines work 2) History of Immunizations/producing benefits 3) Understanding the importance and need for Immunizations Introduction: I wonder what family members I am missing at our family reunions? You see my great uncle Vernon died of Polio when he was only 13 years old. If there would have been a vaccine available, he would have possibly lived, married even had children. What family members are you missing in the family photos? Like seat belts and car seats, vaccines can be lifesavers. In fact the Centers for Disease Control and prevention have said, “Immunization is the most important public health act in history, after safe drinking water.” (So let’s get started with our first area of concern)

I. How vaccines work
A. Types
1. Live verses Inactivated
2. Passive verses Active
B. Building Immunity
1. Series
2. Boosters
(Now we will move onto our second area of concern)
II. History of Immunes/producing benefits
A. Stats prior to vaccines
1. Deaths and illness related to the infectious disease
B. Stats post vaccines
1. Increases in percentage of healthy children
(We now move on to our third area of concern)

III. Understanding the importance and need for Immunizations A. Health issues/protection needed due to Immigration into the US B. Myths
(As I finish today I leave you with this thought)

Conclusion: Vaccines are lifesavers; in fact they prevent deaths estimated at 3 million children per year worldwide. Because we have vaccines we don’t see the deaths and illnesses today, like our parents or grandparents witnessed in their day. It is important to keep vaccinating so these diseases don’t come back. So I ask you again, who is missing in your family photo’s?

U.S Department of Health & Human Services
Immunization Action Coalition
American Academy of Pediatrics

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