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Topics: Crime, Law, Idea Pages: 1 (429 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Curfew: Limited Time Prison for Children
It is not fair to have a curfew because of a group of idiot teenagers. Because of them other kids are being punished. Is it fair that because of a few bad apples, your innocent child can’t go outside after curfew? They can’t take out the trash or go to the market to get some bread. Does this make sense? If there is some bad apples in the basket so what, do you really want the good ones to be affected? There are lots of potential child criminals such as 15-year-old Raymond M. Concepcion, who was arrested for the murder of a 22-year-old man. There are more children like Raymond and perhaps a curfew would be helpful in dealing with teenagers like them. But this law applies to only a few people. A curfew is a childish and absurd way to stop child criminals. They don’t obey the laws, so why would they obey the curfew? A curfew will make already rebellious teenagers more rebellious and turn their minds from the government and police. These powers are just over-broad, and make no distinction between the innocent and the guilty. Some teenagers babysit; this law is not good for their job. And teenagers who are walking down the street will get caught by the police just for walking during the curfew hours. It does not tackle the reasons why people misbehave and it doesn’t put more police on the street. Curfew will teach kids how to be close minded about the unfair laws. The curfew has some good ideas such as: it may help to stop potential criminals and that helps the police to focus on more important crimes. Because of the irresponsible parents cops can’t always run after the children. However, there is very little evidence to support that curfew laws work.

Lots of people support the idea of a curfew because they think the law will change their kids’ personality and they think that they can teach their children how to be good and responsible citizens. But guess what? You can’t change your children’s personalities or their...
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