Persuasive Speech Outline Drink Water

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Do you know what humans, plants, and fish all have in common? No? Well, we humans along with plants and fish all need water to survive.
Most of you probably prefer to drink coffee, soda, or other beverages opposed to water, but how many of you drink water on a regular basis?
Today, I'll be talking about the importance of drinking water daily by looking at what water does for our bodies, the benefits that come with drinking water and a few methods to help you drink more.
I myself am an avid H2O drinker. It's pretty much all I drink.
Let's start by looking at how important water is and what it does for our bodies.
Our bodies need water in order to survive. states that 80% of an infant's body is made up of water
Going down to about 70% of an adult's body
Decreasing even more to 50% in that of the elderly
According to an article "The Health Benefits of Water" on water helps our bodies
By regulating our body temperature
Water acts as a cushion for our joints and keeps tissues in our bodies moist.
Water flushes out any toxins or waste from our kidneys and liver as well as intestines
Website article "Why do we need to drink water?" says that water is essential for
Body circulation as well as flexibility of blood vessels
Digestion, nutrient absorption and chemical reactions
A article "Water: Meeting Your Daily Fluid Needs" talks about
How your body looses water through everyday activities as well as when you sweat, go to the bathroom, and even when you exhale
How it is important to replace what is lost by drinking water in order to prevent dehydration from occurring
Now that we've looked at why our bodies need water, let's look at the benefits of drinking water. There are many benefits that come with drinking water on a daily bases lists a few
Drinking a glass or two of water before each meal is going to decrease your appetite-so you feel fuller and are less

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