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How do you feel when you have to wait for something you really, really want? What if this was something you literally couldn’t live without? How many of you have actually thought about organ donation? Well according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation network, as of 5:30 pm on Wednesday there are 110,912 patients currently on the waiting list, and among these are men, women and children of all races and ethnic backgrounds, and to that number one more person is being added every eleven minutes. Many people on this list will die before they receive a transplant due to lack of organ donors. This does not have to happen. We can help by donating our organs.   

There are many misconceptions regarding organ donations.  Many people believe that they would be too old or even too young when they die to donate their organs. Many even believe that it would be to too expensive for their families, or that once a hospital finds out that they are an organ donor, the doctor that had been so desperately been trying to save your life, would stop. However, none of these beliefs are in fact true. Upon death your organs are assessed for their condition, which often has little to do with your age. The cost of an organ transplant is the responsibility of the recipients insurance, not the deceased or their family. But most importantly, the team of doctors at the hospital working to save someone’s life are completely separate from doctors’ that would perform the organ and or tissue transplants. Someone who is interested in becoming a donor can even specify which organs they would like to donate and can even specify whether or not they want to be a tissue donor as well.  

There are as I said before 110, 912 patients currently on the organ transplant waiting list, and often the recipients need more than one organ. On average seventy-four people will receive the gift of an organ donation, while about twenty will die waiting each day. Every eleven minutes one more name is...
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